Benefits of Treatment

Benefits of Nonsurgical Treatments

For most people surgery is not the first or only option—and many of our patients don’t want to assume the risks, recovery time or costs that come with the operating table. When appropriate, Dr. Hamilton uses minimally invasive techniques, or interventional pain management, to restore function, manage pain and prepare you for other therapies or even avoid surgery altogether.

Reduce Pain

Minimally invasive procedures, such as steroid epidural injections, nerve blocks, joint injections and trigger point injections can be an effective way to reduce your joint, back and neck pain and restore mobility, without surgery.

Prepare for Other Therapies

Intervention pain management can help reduce pain and swelling enough so you can undergo physical therapy.

Recover Faster

Surgery carries risks, including the potential for complications and long recovery times, especially for the elderly. With interventional pain management, you often see improvement shortly after your procedure, helping you get back to your life faster. When surgery is your best option, Dr. Hamilton works closely with neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons to manage your pain, increase your mobility and improve your health.