Insurance and Billing

Dr. Hamilton’s office participates in most insurance plans; however, patients should check with their insurance provider to make sure their visit and treatment will be covered. We are happy to assist you in confirming that Dr. Hamilton is contracted with your insurance provider, before your visit.

Please bring your health insurance card(s), a picture ID, medication bottles and any MRI’s and X-rays with you to your appointment. We’ll use this information to make your check-in as smooth as possible. Insurance filing is done as a courtesy for our patients. We cannot guarantee payment by your insurance company.


Please be prepared to take care of your co-payment or deductible at the time of service. Balances will not be carried more than 30 days unless prior arrangements have been made. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and personal check.


If you have a work related injury, please call the office with the date of the injury, your employer’s name and workers’ compensation insurance information before making your appointment, so we may obtain approval for treatment and for payment of our fees.


We do not accept Third Party Liability Policy (for example, an attorney’s or another party’s insurance, if involved in an auto accident). Patients receiving medical services that will be covered by a means other than health insurance (such as auto insurance) are required to make a minimum payment of $50.00 (or full balance if less than $50.00) at the time of each office visit.

Upon discharge a minimum payment of $50.00 per month is required until the balance is paid. If the personal injury case settles before balance is paid the balance will then be due in full.

If someone other than the patient is paying your bill by check, we will need a copy of their driver’s license to accept their check.

If you have an attorney, please give us his/her name, address and phone number.


Please contact our office regarding treatment costs.